Bruce's website

Under construction...

... so here's the obligatory duff artwork:  rotate7
(Both of the above were sketched quickly in Xara X, but they're not much of a recommendation.
I really must get to grips with my copy of Xara Designer Pro some day.)

Features (in no particular order):

– My Wurges page

– My rubbishy software for RISC OS machines (Risc PC) and my 1991 Sigma book on DTP

– The account of my set visit to Babylon 5 (the preamble was written by Jeremy Morley and the files were originally hosted in his Gold Channel pages;
many of the external links have unfortunately ceased to work)

Web sites I maintain:

The Childe Rolande area
The site for St John the Divine, Merton


This is a simple site, as I'm a simple soul, but bells and whistles are provided for those who really must have them.

Just for the fun of it, here's a link to Hunter Goatley's site. (He's probably not a relative, but who cares? You can't have too many Goatl(e)ys, in my biased opinion.)

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