[From Archimedes World, April 1992]

Desktop Publishing on the Archimedes

This Bruce Goatly book is of the finest quality, it is a long time since I have had the pleasure of reading such a expertly presented publication.

The book covers DTP for all requirements and details all of the major desktop publishing packages currently available. It also covers some of the main word processors for the Archie. The book scores heavily on its technical content such as explaining exactly how to use the font caching to full effect.

I was particularly impressed with the examples of use for many different pieces of software and the ideas for designs which come later in the book.

Chapters deal with educational software, importing graphics (including sections on scanning and digitising), text handling, design and final output.

Goatly has covered every possible angle on the Archimedes DTP front in this publication. I can only recommend that you take a good look at this book as it will show both the beginner and the experienced user a thing or two.

Peter Gaunt

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