Bruce's Pictures

Pictures from Bruce Goatly's trip to the B5 set.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version. Photos which might have spoilers for episodes unseen in the UK have no thumbnails here - clicking on the "Spoiler" banner will take you onto the spoiler thumbnails.

Thanks go to Hywell Williams for scanning the photos.

Thumbnail 1

The main corridor, curving upwards into the distance.

Thumbnail 2

Minerals and gems stall, Zocalo (which is at the end of the main corridor set).

Thumbnail 3

A stall in the Zocalo being 'dressed', presumably for shooting later in the day.

Thumbnail 4

Shops in the Zocalo - amazing detail.

Thumbnail 5

The Zocalo sign, unfortunately unlit.

Thumbnail 6

C&C - the doorway.

Thumbnail 7

C&C, looking out through doorway: a piece of foreshadowing?

Thumbnail 8

Two unlikely-looking characters in the C&C 'pit' (portrait by Joanne).


*Mild spoiler for episode 311 or later*

Thumbnail 10

Close-up of instrument panels (unlit, alas) in a side area of C&C, the commander's station.

Thumbnail 11

Decorative scenery in the storage area.

Thumbnail 12

A familiar advertising panel.

Thumbnail 13

White Star crew seats.

Thumbnail 14

A Brakiri in front of the 'Net' wall.


*Spoiler for episode 321*.


*Spoiler for episodes 311 onwards*.

Thumbnail 17

The pseudonymous building housing the B5 stage.

Yes, jms was asked before this image was included!

Thumbnail: Extras

Close-up of the sign by the car park - a bit of a give-away.

Thumbnail: Zima

Evidence of a misspent $1.99, and *two* misspent evenings (it took more than one sitting to stomach the stuff).

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